About us

GH Foundation: Shedding light on gastro health and breaking the silence around digestive issues to empower you to take charge of your health.
The founders Dacia Heck and Kristin Grube from the GH Foundation.

Our Story

We’re GH Foundation and with your help, we’re shining a light on gastro health.

We know all too well that talking about gastrointestinal health feels — well, uncomfortable. But what we also know is this: avoiding discussions about digestive issues can lead to serious health consequences.

Our founders have both been personally affected by colorectal cancer and are passionate about educating and empowering others to be their own advocates for health.

By breaking the silence and normalizing conversations about poop, colonoscopies, and everything in between, we can help you become proactive about your health and detect potential problems early on.

Our Founders

Kristin Grube

Kristin Lynn Grube


Kristin Lynn Grube knows firsthand the devastating impact of a life altering diagnosis when she insisted on a colonoscopy that has prevented her from an even more challenging diagnosis.

Diagnosed with Serrated Polyposis Syndrome (SPS) when she was 27, Kristin was forced to navigate a major health crisis at a young age. With no family history of colorectal cancer and no early signs or symptoms, her diagnosis came out of nowhere. Her experience taught her to be her own relentless health advocate.

With no cure for her condition, Kristin has learned how to cope with the syndrome’s ongoing effects on her life. Her passion for helping others led her to launch GH Foundation — where she’s able to channel her energy toward the future with the hope to ease the path for others by being a fierce activist.

Kristin’s courage in her personal journey with SPS and her connections with others who suffer from it models what it means to claim good health for us, our families, and our friends—and why being proactive about Gastro Health will change and save lives.

Dacia Heck

Dacia Heck


Dacia Heck has personally been affected by colorectal cancer through the tragic experience of losing her sister, Danielle. Her sister was 43 when she was first diagnosed with stage IV cancer, and she passed away less than four months later. Dacia’s sister was extremely active and otherwise healthy — and since she was younger than the recommended screening age, her diagnosis came as a total shock.

This is why Dacia is passionate about educating the younger population about early detection. From hearing the stories of many others in the colorectal cancer community, she has learned that her sister’s diagnosis at a young age was not a one-off occurrence. There’s a gap, and young people aren’t receiving the information they need to advocate for their health.

Dacia believes in taking action and being directly involved in finding a solution for young people. And that’s why GH Foundation was born.

Our Ambassadors



Medical Communications

Preventative health is the neglected stepchild of modern medicine that deserves our immediate attention. For that reason, Bomi supports the GH Foundation’s mission to increase colorectal cancer awareness and educate the community on the many benefits of proactive and preventative GI health. Her focus is helping create educational content on GI biology, GI health, CRC, and current events related to CRC.

Allyson Carr

Allyson Carr

Wellness & Nutrition

Allyson’s mother was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 50, so at 40, she had to have her first colonoscopy where the doctor found and removed three precancerous polyps. She was lucky that she was aware of her family history and they were able to catch it early. It is so important even for very healthy people to know your family history, know what symptoms to look out for and talk to your doctor about when you should get screened.

Heather Dail

heather dail

Strategic Planning

Gastro Health is an important part of all of our lives. It can impact your daily life, no matter your circumstances. It’s important to Heather that people of all ages are educated about the symptoms, learn to listen to what their body is telling them, and feel confident speaking up for themselves.


amber bart

Strategic Planning

Amber is proud to partner with GH Foundation in their mission to encourage proactive approaches for gastrointestinal well-being. With her background as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in GI Oncology, she is deeply committed to patient advocacy, education, and empowerment. Amber collaborates with GH Foundation to facilitate knowledge-sharing within the community and contributes to thoughtful strategic planning, with the goal of promoting a healthier future for all.

Our Campus Leads

Natalia Masnica

Northwestern University

Natalia Masnica is a student at Northwestern University majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Global Health and Russian and East European Studies on the pre-medical track. Natalia plans to go into Gynecology and Obstetrics. Currently, she is conducting research at the Matei Lab in Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine.

Natalia joined the GH Foundation in 2023 and founded Northwestern University’s GH Foundation on Campus club. As President, Natalia leads and organizes campus events while collaborating with the GH Foundation to further attract the college student audience to educate them more about their gastro health.

Natalia’s journey with IBS is what inspired her to research more about gastro health and ways that can help aid her symptoms. Natalia learned first-hand that this isn’t a topic that should be kept a secret. Additionally, as a pre-medical student, she has noticed how many people, especially older men, that do not get regular colonoscopies. These screenings can prevent many gastro diseases such as colorectal cancer. She joined GHF to spread awareness and destigmatize gastro conversations.

In her free time, Natalia enjoys running long distances, rollerblading, and hiking with her family. She is also a sucker for good coffee!


Gabriela Masnica

University of Illinois at urbana champaign 

Gabriela Masnica is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where she is pursuing a major in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Public Health and Business on the pre-medical track.

In 2024, Gabriela joined the GH Foundation and took the initiative to establish the GH Foundation chapter on her campus. With a strong desire to actively engage in conversations about gastro health and create awareness, Gabriela aims to make a significant impact. Through her collaboration with the GH Foundation, Gabriela gained a deep understanding of their mission and witnessed the profound effect it has on the community.

Gabriela’s personal connection to the foundation, through her sister’s involvement, has further fueled her passion for advocating for gastro health in her community. Gabriela aspires to inspire fellow students on campus and make a meaningful difference in their lives by encouraging them to join her in her advocacy for gastro health.