GH Foundation on Campus

Empowering college students to break the stigma around gastro health.



Who We Are

GH Foundation on Campus strives to destigmatize gastro health conversations among a younger audience – college students. We empower students to become their own health advocates and break the stigma around this topic.

Skills You Will Gain

GH Foundation on Campus will provide diverse, valuable skills applicable in many aspects of your personal and professional life, regardless of your future career path.

Skills you will gain being a part of GH Foundation on Campus:

Leadership: Guiding and motivating team members, making decisions, and setting goals for the club.

Communication: Effective communication with team members, campus administration, and guest speakers. You will develop skills in public speaking, writing emails, conducting meetings, and presenting ideas clearly and persuasively.

Organization and Time Management: Running a club requires planning, coordination of events, and managing various tasks simultaneously.

Teamwork and Collaboration: You will learn how to build and maintain positive relationships, resolve conflicts, and leverage the strengths of each team member.

Networking: Running a club provides opportunities to network with other student leaders on campus, faculty members, medical providers, and others.

Event Planning and Management: Organizing club events, meetings, and activities will facilitate your development of skills in event planning, logistics management, budgeting, and marketing.

Want to learn More?

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