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Want to know the easiest way to bring gastrointestinal health issues to light? Simply talk about it. It’s really that easy. Bring it up with the people in your daily life. Educate your loved ones about the risk of neglecting their gastro health. This alone goes so far in removing the stigma.

Why is it so important to talk to your family about gastro health? Because many patients with early-onset colorectal cancer have a family history of the diagnosis. Late-stage diagnoses could have been prevented or more easily treated with earlier care. Ask your relatives if there’s a history of colorectal cancer or polyps — the precursor to cancer — in your family. If so, you may be at an increased risk.

Getting informed is the best way to become your own biggest health advocate. When you’re armed with knowledge, you can take control of your future and your health.


If you want to help the cause, we invite you to join other passionate volunteers in our Ambassador Program. Together, our volunteers use their time and skills to promote better gastrointestinal health in their communities.

Our volunteers drive our mission by helping us get our message to their communities and networks through various channels. When you volunteer with GH Foundation, you help connect your community to lifesaving resources.

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Want to make a difference? Your donation directly funds our efforts to distribute educational materials and health guidance to the public. With your help, the world has access to crucial information that shines a light on gastrointestinal health, which ultimately reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.