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Who We Are

We are Northwestern University’s gastro health advocacy group! GH Foundation on Campus strives to destigmatize gastro health conversations among students at Northwestern.

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Our Mission

In collaboration with the GH Foundation, we strive to empower and educate students about the importance of having uncomfortable conversations. We aim to increase proactive gastrointestinal health and early detection. Through speaker events, workshops, and planning for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, we strive to spread awareness on the Northwestern University campus.

Community plays a vital role in the success of our club’s mission. By coming together as a collective force, we raise awareness, provide support, and advocate for the importance of gastro health on campus. GH Foundation on Campus is open to all individuals, regardless of background, identity, or experience. Our inclusive community welcomes diverse perspectives and fosters a culture of acceptance and belonging for everyone.

Our Activities

Guest Speakers

We host a webinar or in-person guest speaker each quarter. Professionals, such as medical providers, serve as speakers. Members have the opportunity to vote for preferred speaker topics based on their interest in learning more about a topic. GH Foundation on Campus believes that guest speakers play a crucial role in educating our members. Their expertise and unique insights can provide valuable information and offer perspectives that club members might not have access to otherwise. Hearing from accomplished individuals, or those who have overcome obstacles, can be incredibly empowering and encourage members to pursue their goals.


We offer workshops throughout the year. These workshops focus on understanding the gut microbiome, how to manage healthy eating in college, stress management, gut health, digestive disorders awareness, and more! Our workshops are interactive with games, quizzes, and hands-on activities. Additionally, we collaborate with other clubs on campus and work together to plan interactive workshops for all members.


We fundraise twice a year for an initiative that aligns with our mission. We contribute to charitable organizations, support community projects, or our amazing club!

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